How to choose lighting for a bathroom

Luminaires with increased safety and corrosion resistance. Lights for highlighting the colours in the bathroom’s interior and changing the bathroom atmosphere during the day.

Whether it's the lighting for an older, more historic look or a modern bathroom interior, the colour impression can be greatly enhanced by well-chosen lighting or it can even create an environment full of colour shades in the colour scheme of natural materials.
The reflection of colour surfaces plays an important role in the choice of bathroom fixtures. Lighter and more reflective colours enhance the light intensity as well as the perceived level of lighting, while darker, less reflective surfaces reduce light.

Atmosphere of bathroom lighting
When washing in the evening before going to sleep, it’s usually preferable to have more intimate lighting in the bathroom, with levels of illumination in the range of mixed vision, a warm shade of light and the overall lighting atmosphere near bedroom lighting. If you’re awoken by a sunny morning, a bathroom without windows, even with intimate bathroom lighting it will give you the appearance of a dark, inhospitable corner.
The bathroom should have a window. If it doesn’t, the second morning lighting system in the bathroom is helpful and more intense than the evening.

The purpose of lighting fittings in the bathroom
The purpose of lighting fittings in the bathroom is to create an environment that brings a pleasant, homely and safe impression, especially in the absence of daylight. High quality bathroom lighting is especially important when the bathroom has no windows which is commonplace in modern buildings.
Therefore, bathroom lighting must fulfil its function throughout the day.
We take care of our health and hygiene in the bathroom, so there’s a strong emphasis on cleanliness.
The bathroom is a highly intimate place where the visual perception of a completely undressed person is applied, so it’s necessary to pay special attention to choosing suitable bathroom lighting fittings.

Bathroom light fittings and their other functions
Bathroom light fitting should not only meet hygiene needs and provide adequate lighting for the bathroom during mopping, cleaning and common needs such as laundry, but also the need to adapt to different tuning of people, especially in the morning and evening, with daily use being similar to morning use.

Safety and durability of bathroom light fittings
When choosing bathroom light sources, remember that it’s usually a humid environment, so always bear the safety aspect in mind. For this reason, it’s always advisable to choose installing high-quality non-corrosive materials - brass or galvanised brass (nickel plating, chrome plating, gilding, etc.). If it’s a very damp or wet environment, it’s necessary to choose lighting that’s specially protected against humidity, i.e. luminaires subjected to special safety regulations. With regard to your safety, when choosing bathroom chandeliers and lighting for the bathroom it’s worthwhile asking for expert advice.
In the Czech Republic the connected electric appliances, especially lighting units, are indicated with the degree of protection (on the appliance label). E.g. "IP 44" means protection against intrusion of very small foreign objects larger than 1 mm and protection against splashing water.