Washing and cleaning crystal chandeliers and design lights

With regards to delivered crystal chandeliers as well as other valuable craft lights (standard crystal chandeliers, glass Murano chandeliers, Dutch chandeliers, cast chandeliers, etc.), we offer a complete range of services, i.e., regular washing and maintenance of crystal chandeliers, reparation of old or antique chandeliers, or their complete renovation (refurbishment) and restoration to their original condition.

We’ve engaged in servicing and washing chandeliers since 2002. Our customers include, among others, Diplomatic Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic which is responsible for managing embassies in Prague; the National Heritage Institute; the Prague Archiepiscopate; as well as hotels, residences, municipal offices, spas, or common households. We’d be delighted to send you a detailed list of references in case you’re interested in our offer. 

If you approach us, we’ll gladly wash and for a reasonable price professionally clean all crystal chandeliers directly in your flat or at your establishment. We don’t restrict our business to Prague only, but also travel all around the Czech Republic.

Chemical chandelier cleaning – price
The price for washing and repairing chandeliers is determined on an individual basis as each service intervention is unique in its own way. The price is affected by the size of the chandelier, the number of lightbulbs, type of staining (e.g. by a paintjob, flooding, kitchen grease, etc.), the chandelier’s age (the condition of the wiring) and accessibility (e.g. high ceilings, lights above a staircase), etc.

We’re aware of the types of chandeliers which can usually be found in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it’s usually enough to send a picture of your chandeliers by email in order for the price to be determined.
Please, state how many lights you wish to have cleaned, the number of lightbulbs, the height of the ceiling, and possible access restrictions (e.g., if the chandelier is hung from a ceiling, etc.).

If your request concerns larger chandeliers or a substantial amount of them, we’d be delighted to pay you a personal visit and determine the price at the site.

We’re able to provide small repairs while cleaning crystal chandeliers – re-beading torn connecting wires, replacing burnt electric sockets, or adding missing crystal trimmings, chains, etc.

More substantial repairs and refurbishing are done at our workshop.
We can provide representative lights to temporarily replace the pieces being serviced.

We’re not a cleaning company; chandeliers and lights are our only occupation. For this reason, we’re able to clean crystal chandeliers and lights in a precise and professional manner, as well as in at high quality that cannot be matched by any cleaning company.