Custom made chandeliers & Replicas of Antique Chandeliers

  1. Customizing of the typified chandelier from the ESHOP
  2. Production of the brand new chandelier to your liking
  3. Production of large fixtures and of larger quantities of chandeliers and lamps in series

Antique Chandeliers and Used Chandeliers
Extended Offer:

In addition to the production of contemporary design chandeliers and ceiling lightings we offer:

  1. Production of copies of antique chandeliers
  2. Refurbishment of antique and typical chandeliers and lightings
  3. Production of missing and spare parts for antique and used chandeliers (metal and glass)
  4. Restoring damaged surface of the lightings (burnishing, chromating, silver coating, golden coating, patina etc.)
  5. Assembly of chandeliers and lighting fixtures at customer's premises or residence
  6. Cleaning and servicing of the chandeliers in your apartment or business premises

Do you have a damaged antique chandelier or a missing part on your new crystal one?
Let us know.

We will gladly provide you with the required spare part for your chandelier. Or better, on the basis of the materials and samples you choose, make a beautiful, functional copy of the whole chandelier.