Personal pick-up

You can receive the ordered chandelier in Prague

We can deliver your ordered lights to a requested location in Prague on an agreed upon day (this can even be a place of temporary stay, such as a hotel, hostel, etc.) while other lights are being delivered to stores in Prague. You’ll be informed about the delivery date well in advance.


Personal pick-up of the goods at this address:

Veste Glass - Zdeněk Kleprlík
Dedinova 2011/19
148 00 Praha 11
Czech Republic (EU)

Again, we’ll inform you in advance when the ordered light will be ready for pick-up.

Benefits of personally picking up the goods in Prague:

  1. You can physically feel and check the purchased light.
  2. In case of small chandeliers and lights, we give you the option of having them delivered in a pre-assembled condition, i.e. an assembled frame, including wiring, which can be immediately suspended from a ceiling hook. This makes the final assembly quicker and easier. Crystal trimmings must be wrapped separately to prevent any damage.
    Note: Chandelier trimmings are hung last, on the frame of the already connected light.
    Smaller pre-assembled chandeliers are delivered partly wrapped in a bubble wrap. This allows them to be safely transported across short distances..

Složený lustr v bublinkaté fólii - "vosí hnízdo"
Photo: Smaller pre-assembled chandeliers are delivered partly wrapped in a bubble wrap.

Receiving and checking the goods at the workshop

If the matter concerns large chandeliers or a more substantial order, you need to make an appointment at the workshop first. If you are interested in our services, let us know.