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Chandeliers according to your wishes.

We offer production of custom made chandeliers, exactly according to your wishes.

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Wall sconces & Lamps

Here in our offer of wall mounted lights, you can take a choice in classical crystal wall sconces fitted with arms – glass as well as metal. Then you can also take a choice in original design lighting fixtures made of materials such as cast brass (design in gold, silver, stained metal - patina) and metallurgical glass with high quality surface treatment – glass sanding and manual cutting.

Table lamps

Original classical lamps from the Czech Republic made of hand blown and hand cut crystal glass, sand blasted glass, glass decorated with Bohemian High Enamel, artistic colored and and otherwise crafted glass Lighting Fixtures.

Floor lamps

Here in our offer, you can take a choice of standing floor lamps in various shapes, sizes and types – High standing floor lamps to living room, bedroom but also lamps to hotel's reception area, offices etc.


Artistic candlesticks and candelabras made of metal, crystal glass, possibly appropriate combination of both noble materials.

Design lamps