Wall sconces fitted with glass or metal arms

Here in our offer of wall mounted lights, you can take a choice in classical crystal wall sconces fitted with arms – glass as well as metal. Then you can also take a choice in original design lighting fixtures made of materials such as cast brass (design in gold, silver, stained metal - patina) and metallurgical glass with high quality surface treatment – glass sanding and manual cutting.

Wall sconces and wall lights have an advantage in their fixed location. Their disadvantage is that they may complicate any potential changes in internal furnishing. Wall-mounted lights are suitable in places where the interior design is made as a long-term solution and there are no expectations of changes in utilization of the walls. The wall lights are more frequent in restaurants to illuminate the tables. Wall-mounted fixtures in apartments are often located on sides of a large picture or mirror, sometimes they are located on sides around the door in palace's constructions.