Classical Czech chandeliers with glass arms

Original hand made classical chandeliers from the Czech Republic like hand cut crystal chandeliers, sand blasted glass chandeliers, typically Bohemian High Enamel, artistic colored and leaded hand blown glass Lighting Fixtures

Here you can choose from more options: For example from Plain crystal chandeliers made in some cases of pressed crystal glass & Chandeliers completely made of hand blown and hand cut crystal glass parts. Blown and cut glass chandeliers contain a large proportion of artistic manual works with using the finest materials.

Glass and used materials ...
Materials used for lighting fixtures is mostly leaded crystal glass which is further refined by painting, gilding, engraving and cutting. 

Offered crystal chandeliers are fitted with high-quality trimmings with high content of PbO. The addition of lead monoxide to glass significantly improves optical properties of the glass (index of refraction). To achieve the final optical effect, the crystal pendants are manually cut and burnished.
Everything that looks so clear is really made of crystal glass. There is no plastic material here!

If you do not find in our basic offer exactly what are you looking for, we can also offer you custom production of the chandeliers according to your wishes.