Supply of ordered lightings

Delivery of Crystal chandeliers, lamps, wall sconces and other lighting fixtures

Chandeliers and fixtures are shipped as dismantled units. Individual components are carefully packed in a fixed and resistant cardboard box with protective lining.
Included in each package is a guarantee certificate and a simple manual for assembly and installation of the purchased chandelier and lighting.
However, in the event that there is damage to some component, we will immediately replace it for you as a free of charge service. Preferably, on the basis of sending a photo of the damaged component. When shipping the goods abroad, we will set up any potential complaints with a shipping company by ourselves.

Chandeliers and fixtures - Delivery Deadline Date

We are able to deliver most chandeliers and lighting within 3 business days from receipt of payment. Chandeliers and fixtures are stocked as dismantled units, so all we need is to make some assembly of various components for the package. Of course, some lighting fixtures are not kept permanently in stock, therefore we also state the max. deadline date for shipping the goods in the section of Product Description in our e-shop.

As for customised chandeliers and fixtures, which are not included in the online shop, we will inform you about the detailed delivery deadline via the e-mail.

Transport costs – ESHOP
The price of postage is always listed next to the price of goods.
Precise calculation of the postage is provided as a part of the order form. Simply select the destination country for the goods and the transport cost will be calculated automatically.

Transport costs  - Larger orders
The shipping cost for larger orders is counted separately, based on the weight of the goods and its volume (m3), mode of transport and destination.
If you send us your request, we will send you a complete price quotation including the most favorable transport prices.

Prices for the goods in the Internet shop are stated without VAT.
For buyers from the Czech Republic, the amount should be 21 % VAT added to the price of goods. Also, if the buyer lives in the European Union and he/she has legal status of natural person, it must be 21% of VAT added to the price of goods. Companies from the EU, which are holders of valid TAX VAT, may buy without the VAT addition.

SHIPPING to anywhere in the world

For shipments, which are sent abroad, there are normal delivery deadlines via air transport as follows:

(EMS - Czech Post)


Europe USA Other destinations
7 days 7-14 days 14 days

When sending larger consignments, we most commonly use packaging in double solid cardboard box. This type of packaging is very safe and it will even survive a long-term sea transport without any problems.