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The online store is intended  for all admirers of Czech crystal chandeliers, handmade crystal glass and other products, mostly artistic oriented. By "admirer" we mean not only a person who wants to obtain a beautiful valuable object for his house or office, but also people and companies that want to offer these kinds of goods at their place of business.

Czech crystal chandeliers and glass products have a solid reputation, created by glass craftsmen in the heart of Europe. Our company was founded in 2002 with a long history of glass artisanship. Its roots are the older more traditional ways of the wonderful Czech glassmakers, known worldwide. But we have also expanded into a new realm of art.

We offer a wide range of products, which include: finely cut crystal, lead-free crystal and lead crystal. We do Embossed Sand Blasting of Lead Crystal Glass and Lead-free also. We manufacture and carry traditional Bohemian crystal chandeliers, Maria Theresa chandeliers, brass chandeliers, custom design chandeliers, wall sconces, table-lamps, floor lamps, replicas of historic light fixtures, mostly made of hand blown and cut crystal glass and professionally processed brass.

We are ready to fulfill your wishes and no request is unusual, 7 days a week, 12 months of the year. We will take care of all the export formalities, and ensure a clear passage through customs of our shipments to anyplace in the world!

Just Test Us. Try Us. We are here only for you! We Thank You for your interest in our productions in advance and fully believe you will be very satisfied with our service of Devotion, Patience, Passion, and Pride!  Your www.czechchandeliers.com