How to choose lighting for hotel rooms

The confined space of a hotel room requires a sophisticated choice of light sources. Choose lights that transform everyday practicality into aesthetic luxury.

Selection of lights in a hotel room to achieve an aesthetic experience
A hotel room is more than just a dormitory, as it doesn’t just serve as a place for an overnight stay. Guests often use the room as a place to work, a study room, a preparation room for a presentation, etc.

The space of a common hotel room is usually limited, which means that we should be particularly sophisticated when choosing the ideal light sources for a hotel room.
A hotel room has a full range of luminaires with respect to the interior design of the hotel, which should create a cosy atmosphere in the room with a gentle brightness with a hint of colour.
Ideal room lighting should be multi-level, providing light from multiple angles, such as ceiling suspended luminaires, wall lamps, portable standard-lamps, as well as desk lamps providing concentrated light for comfortable reading or writing.
When selecting suitable luminaires for hotel rooms, it’s worth investing in quality as these lights are exposed to extensive use from hotel guests. This investment will repay you in the form of saved maintenance costs and also in feedback from satisfied hotel guests.