How to choose lighting for a kitchen

Lamps providing enough brightness throughout the day. Beautiful craftsmanship lights to create a sense of abundance and appetite.

Kitchen – the household lab
The aim of kitchen lighting isn’t just for interior decoration, but also for practicality with regard to the main activities that take place in the kitchen space. Awareness of all the activities performed will help us with the correct location of individual light sources.
For kitchen lighting, just overhead lighting is usually insufficient. Especially in the kitchen worktop area you can use illumination from different angles, multi-stage lighting, hidden or built-in lights, etc. The need for different types and locations of luminaires increases if your kitchen doesn’t have a window to the exterior that provides enough natural daylight.

The kitchen space is primarily a work area, it could be described as the "household lab" where it’s necessary to provide enough light. That's why it's a good idea to choose high-power light sources or choose to install luminaires with a dimmer to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all kitchen work throughout the day.

Choice of stylish kitchen luminaires
A wide range of luminaires, lamps and other decorative luminaires can be used in the kitchen environment - not just modern LED bulbs, spotlights, fluorescent lamps, etc., but also hand-crafted lighting fixtures. By choosing a beautifully designed light, you can wonderfully influence the style of your kitchen. For example, lights from a moulded brass (gold or pickled brass) look good or from copper metal sheet, cast glass basket lights covered with sandblasted glass (glass can be decorated with a fine grind), etc.

In most luxury kitchen, new chandeliers as well as antique pieces (or their replicas), for example in the “vintage” style, are well suited.
Of course, if the kitchen space allows, you can also use simpler crystal chandeliers decorated with, for example, sanded or cut glass grapes to create a sense of abundance and appetite.

Select safe kitchen lights
When choosing kitchen lighting (same for the bathroom), it’s also extremely important to think about safety because it’s often a humid environment. Therefore, it’s always advisable to choose to install high-quality non-corrosive materials - brass or galvanised brass (nickel plating, chrome plating, gilding, etc.). If it’s a very damp or wet environment, it’s necessary to choose lighting specially protected from moisture - luminaires subject to special safety regulations.