How to choose lighting for a living room

The beautiful central chandelier in a living room enhances the sense of closeness and belonging for the people that are present and it’s a reminder of an ancient community that gathered around one fire.

Central and diffused lighting in the living room
When designing functional living room lighting, it’s not possible to just concentrate on the main ceiling fitting. If the chandelier is in the middle of the room, it supports concentric perception and highlights the centre. All shadows in the living room facility are subject to the central position, which we perceive unconsciously. In a psychological sense, the chandelier placement in the living room is suitable for rooms where the central part is the most important, for example, where a table is in the middle. However, if we try to solve the living room lighting in a comprehensive way, it’s necessary to take into account the functionality and practicality with other types of lighting.
We always deal with the combination of concentrated and scattered light. Well designed and located functional living room lighting shouldn’t be dazzling and, on the contrary, it shouldn’t be too weak and strain your eyesight whilst reading, etc. If we want to create a beautiful, cosy and at the same time practical living space, we shouldn’t worry about adding other lights to the living room interior, such as standard-lamps, table lamps or wall lamps.
The appearance of chandeliers and lamps in an on and off state can also affect the overall aesthetic impression of the interior.

Choice of coloured chandeliers for the living room depending on furniture
If you choose to place a crystal chandelier in the living room, it’s important that the appearance of the chandelier is mainly matched with the furniture to maximise the beauty of the room. If you have a lot of natural wood in your living room, it’s a good idea to choose gold (brass) chandeliers. If you have a modern interior with predominantly cool colours, such as white, blue, etc., it’s good to choose silver (nickel) metal chandelier design.
Trust your tastes and instincts, you know best about what you prefer.

A Czech crystal chandelier certainly represents a suitable living room lighting choice, because in addition to plenty of light, it also brings a certain charm and drama to the space. A well-chosen chandelier can provide the whole space with a unique and personal look. A beautiful crystal chandelier can become its central point and can prove the owner's exquisite and unique taste.

Buying a smaller luminaire than needed
A fairly common error is choosing a light fitting which is suitable in design, but too small. If you see a chandelier hanging in the store, or you chose a chandelier based on the photo (the photo can be even with the architect's recommendation), you can hardly imagine exactly how the chandelier will look and act in a real interior.
Future use shows you whether you have chosen correctly. If so, congratulate yourself.
If you choose a chandelier that’s too small, the result may be a lighting environment in which you do not feel comfortable. The result of staying in such a dim environment may be unnecessary and fatigue you prematurely without you realising why it’s actually happening.
Conversely, if you choose a large and powerful luminaire, it will create an environment full of distractions, undesirable glare and glitters that unnecessarily attract the eyes and the brain. In short, every extreme is bad.