Theresian crystal chandeliers and wall lights making up the set

If you are going to buy a Theresian crystal chandelier and also need wall lights, we always try to make the delivered wall lights form a design set with the chandeliers. The design set means that the wall lights have the same shaped and cut light bowls (bobeches). We also strive to make the crystal trimmings  of the wall lights the same shape and quality as the crystal ornaments used on the chandelier. This rule does not only apply to Maria Theresa chandeliers and Theresian wall lamps, but also to other crystal lighting fixtures.
So if you are choosing a Theresian chandelier and wall lamps in the same style and you do not see the same design of both types of lamps in the basic offer (in the e-shop), it does not mean that they do not exist.
We will gladly do this design matching for you. Just write the request in the notes during ordering.
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Theresian chandeliers and three-arm wall lights in the interior of an Italian-style villa

The customer wanted larger flat crystal pendants - pendeloques, silver finish
Maria Theresa silver chandelier 15+1 bulbs
Dimensions (W x H): 79 x 125 cm/ 31.1"x49.2"
Product code: 14271-16-B
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& 3-arm wall light with the same design
Dimensions (W x H x D): 30 x 30 x 22 cm/ 12.2"x12.2"x 9"
Product code: 24950-3-P-B

Samples of frequently used light bowls