24-arm crystal chandelier in Bohemia Baccarat style with cut tulips

Large luxury crystal chandelier with cut vases. The edges of glass vases can be straight or wavy, so they can evoke the shape of a tulip. Pure cut crystal glass without any other unnecessary decorations complements beautifully with the shiny silver metal.

However, if you prefer gold shiny brass, the glass vases can be further decorated with 24K gold painting - edges, body of vase (see photos of several samples of light vases). The vases can also be colored according to the customer's wishes.

We make these beautiful crystal lighting fixtures to order. Of course, chandeliers can be supplemented with wall lights, table lamps, etc. in the same style.
All glass parts of the chandelier are hand cut (diamond cut). First-class clear crystal glass (24% PbO for the production of luxury decorative glass).

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Bohemian Baccarat chandelier
24 Strong handmade twisted glass arms

16+8 Arms - total 24 x E14 bulbs max. 40 watts
Metal finish: glossy silver (nickel coated brass).
Trimmings: cut pointed prisms 32% PbO
(For the US market, the lights are automatically equipped with electrical sockets E12, 120 V, 50/60 Hz).
Dimensions (W x H): 130 x 140 cm/ 53"x57" (measured without a chain)
P/No.: Bacc-16+8-dia130x140cm_silver (Glass Tulips)

Longer delivery time: ca 5-6 weeks