Samples of several types of chandeliers with antique silver metal finish (old-silver plated brass)

Old silver color, i.e. nickel-plated brass with a chemical treatment of the metal surface, has a wide range of uses in interior decoration.
If you have an industrial interior with exposed beams, brick walls or concrete surfaces, chandeliers with an antique silver finish are an ideal choice.
Antique silver chandeliers are also suitable for minimalist spaces where cleanliness and simplicity are important. Such an example can be a stylish bedroom, where you require that there are not so shiny distracting surfaces in the interior. Matte silver metal can also be embellished with a suitable color of crystal trimmings (e.g. sapphire blue), the use of matte sandblasted glass, etc.
The less prominent silver color is neutral and can be easily combined with different styles of furniture, similar color of picture frames and mirrors, etc.

The chandeliers on display are part of the e-shop and can be easily ordered. They can also be customized according to customer requirements.