Representative 42-arm large white crystal chandelier with glass flowers on the gold background

Blown white opal glass. The crystal chandelier is decorated with hand painting from high enamel. The chandelier is two-level (2 basic metal plates - see attached photo), but with 3 types of glass arms, so it looks like a higher three-level light.
Amazing design luxury ceiling light that everyone will admire!

White opal glass decorated with 24K gold and enamelled glass flowers
Size (W x H) 130 x 105 cm /  54"x44"   (measured without a chain).
42 bulbs, ie 42x E14 (the EU standard)/ E12 (the US standard) el. sockets.

White opal glass, red ruby glass, ink blue cobalt glass, green glass, black hyalite glass (see the attached photos - produced by the Egermann ® company )

Tubes covering electrical sockets
gold polished brass / white glass  - see attached photos

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