Black crystal chandeliers decorated with high enamel on the silver base

We can offer you not only enameled chandeliers and lamps with hand paintings on a gold background, but also unique silver lighting fixtures decorated with traditional Bohemian high enamel on the silver background - See the photo.
To create a golden, or silver base is used pure gold (Au) and platinum (Pt).

The metal base formed on the glass (gold / silver) does not have to be only mirror-gloss. After the first firing, the applied liquid metal can be matted with a special glass paint (the process is called dragging). After further firing, a fine silk matt finish of the metal surface is thus obtained.
In the next steps of decorating glass, embossed colors in the form of arabesques and flowers are applied with a brush to the base layer of gold or silver platinum.
Each application of glass paints (ie a mixture of metal oxide with ground glass) and further firing combines the base glass with hand-painted plastic ornaments.
The entire technological process of plastic decorating of glass with high enamel requires at least four times firing in a glass furnace.

A truly traditional supplier of raw material for production of high-enamel luminaires
The raw material, ie artistic hand-decorated glass, which we use in the production of chandeliers, is obtained from our supplier, the company Egermann Novy Bor. 
It is interesting that the old glass master Friedrich Egermann (*1777- †1864) was one of the pioneers of this demanding glass technique smiley

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Chandeliers and decorative glass decorated with genuine platinum (Pt)