Large outdoor crystal chandelier with cut spikes

Luxury custom made chandelier for the house entrance. Combination of hand blown and hand cut glass with cast brass parts. The total height of the chandelier can be adjusted according to the customer's wishes.
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Technical parameters (photo):
(W x H) 160 x 175 cm / 65.3" x 71.4"
The chandelier has 8 satellites (glass balls).

Light bulbs - All candle bulbs E14/ E12 (for US market)
in 8 satellite balls around the main basket in pairs, ie. 2x bulb/ball, total (2x8)
at the top space of the ceiling 4 + 4
In the large lower basket 12 + 8 + 4
Total 48  bulbs.

(24% PbO, Baccarat hand-cut)
Upper glass bowl (glass only) at the ceiling: dia 40 cm
including brass edging. total dia 50 cm - "For insertion into the ceiling rosette"

The largest glass bottom bowl: dia 90 cm
including brass edging. total dia 106 cm