Smaller crystal chandeliers to the spiral staircase & wall staircase lighting

Classic crystal spiral chandeliers for spiral staircases of common smaller houses. These design chandeliers are mostly made of small strass stones and long crystal prisms in the shape of various spirals. Their narrow elongated shape should provide enough light along the entire length of the stairs. To ensure plenty of light, these long shimmering spiral chandeliers are often complemented by a shiny ceiling plate complemented by spotlights. The chandeliers are usually delivered as surface-mounted, but they can also be hung as "classic" chandeliers, ie on a suspension rod or chain - see att. photos. Long strass crystal chains are quite expensive. By using this suspension, you can save on the price of the chandelier.

Wall lights of a similar design can be ordered for each type of spiral chandelier. These wall lamps should protrude as little as possible into the space of the spiral staircase so as not to impede walking.

A few examples of the long spiral chandeliers and wall lights from family houses - custom production according to the height of the stairs.

Material: cast brass, molded brass
Metal finish: gold, silver, stained patina