Refurbishment of the large central Art Deco crystal chandelier and other basket crystal lamps for the Alcron Prague hotel

In 2023, we were honored to participate in the restoration of the beauty of the central chandelier and other basket crystal fixtures of Hotel Alcron, originally built according to the plans of architect Alois Kroft. Of course, the choice of designer lights was also a part of the interior design. The hotel in the center of Prague (today Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel) was built in 1932 in the ART DECO style. The refurbished chandeliers come from the pre-war period around 1936.

An interesting fact is that the large central chandelier in the luxury hotel restaurant had its own built-in fan for better air circulation.

This is a classic Czech crystal chandelier. Therefore, without our being aware of it, we still have similar chandeliers in our offer - see photos from our showroom.
surprise More photos of the interior of the hotel

enlightened Photos (1-7) of the nearly 90-year-old Art Deco central chandelier refurbishing

Performed work: new wiring, replacing the original 21 pcs E12 electrical sockets with E27, etc. New metal finish - brushed matt brass preserved with colorless varnish. Addition of crystal trimmingss, replacement of connecting rivets, glass parts, etc.
The chandelier is placed in the center of a glass circle made of flat glass backlit by LED bulbs. The light intensity of the chandelier bulbs as well as the bulbs in the glass superstructure  can be continuously regulated with a dimmer. After our intervention, it is again a technically new chandelier capable of functioning for another century.

enlightenedPhotos (8-11) - Current offer of very similar chandeliers

Commonly produced basket chandeliers with crystal prisms. We adapt the size and parameters of the chandelier to the customer's wishes.