Rectangular crystal chandelier with strass stones in residential interior

Custom made crystal chandelier made of cast brass decorated with strass chains and cut crystal pears from below.
The rectangular frame of the chandelier is of the welded cast brass belt - see a sample of raw castings and patterns. Gradually increasing cut crystal stones are connected in strass chains with the help of brass butterflies (metal couplings). The chandelier is hanged like a regular chandelier on an ordinary hook - the ceiling cables arehidden under the decorative ceiling rose of solid cast brass.
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1) Size (ground plan - the frame): 100 x 142 cm / 40.8" x 58"

Gold brass, strass stones
8+8 candle bulbs  E14/E12 inside the rectangular basket.
Premium strass stones 32% PbO
* The chandelier is made to order. The dimensions and parameters of the chandelier can be easily changed.

2) Demonstration of raw unworked cast belts used for chandeliers production

3) Decorative ceiling rose of cast brass