Custom made chandeliers & Large design chandeliers

If you cannot find what you are exactly looking for here in the basic menu, we can also offer you custom production of the chandeliers according to your wishes.

Production of large fixtures and of larger quantities of chandeliers and lamps in series

All lighting fixtures can be ordered as a set (the lights that belong stylishly to each other), regardless of whether they are intended for installation on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor.

Simply send us your request or photo and say: " I like this or that type and shape but I want to have them adapted to a certain size, number of light bulbs, type of pendants, color and so on." If the chandeliers are larger or if there is a larger amount of them, we will send you a graphic design created in graphics program on the basis of your specification so that you can make your approval of it. As for larger orders, we will produce several samples of the lights after your approval in order to get your agreement. Then we will continue in production of the whole series.

An obvious part is the installation of ordered lighting fixtures anywhere in the world.

What we offer e.g.

Approval of the finished chandelier

Sending product photos before finishing for approval.

Installation instructions for custom-made chandelier

Installation instructions for the custom-made chandelier, crystal trimmings and chandelier parts with the location of the installation & spare parts.

Chandelier installed

Chandelier installed - You can install the chandelier yourself or you can order it from us.