Modern crystal chandeliers with round mirror and crystal helix (apartment interiors)

Modern crystal chandeliers with a round mirror made of polished metal and a crystal helix formed by cut lead crystal balls. The silver finish of polished nickel-plated brass imitates stainless steel.
These modern lights can, of course, also be made of shiny golden polished brass, which is standard.

We can adjust the size of the chandelier, i.e. the size of the rounded metal mirror with the corresponding number of built-in spotlights, and the height of the chandelier (the height of the crystal spiral) according to the customer's interior.

We also adapt the way the chandelier is hung to the customer's wishes - either as a chandelier attached to the ceiling (or flush mounted), or as a classic ordinary chandelier hung on a suspension rod with a ceiling rose.

Crystal balls in a spiral can be made of clear crystal, colored (optional color), or crystal covered with a metal oxide layer.

heart For these spiral chandeliers, we also supply wall lights in the same design - color of metal, color of crystal glass, etc.

Mirror 4 bulbs - Basic dimensions (W x H):
40 x 250 cm
40 x 93 cm
40 x 220 cm
Metal finish - shiny gold/silver, clear or colored crystal