Luxurious rectangular crystal cascade chandelier - custom production

Gold cascading crystal chandelier with rounded walls made to order. The frame of the chandelier is made of matte brass decorated with cast brass parts. Hanging the chandelier can be "classic" via a short hanging rod with a ceiling rose (see picture), or the lamp can be completely attached to the ceiling.
We are able to enlarge this chandelier to any desired size. The increase in the size of the chandelier is also related to the increase in the number of cascades of crystal pendants. Crystal pendants can be luxurious cut pointed prisms, or they can be replaced with simpler and smooth ones - see below the drawing of smooth, cheaper prisms.
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Three-cascade rectangular crystal chandelier for lower ceiling
Chandelier size from photo (W x D x H): 59 x 30 x 28 cm/ 24.1"x12.2"x11.4"
Metal finish: Gold brass (optional)
Trimmings: Luxurious cut pointed prisms 32% PbO (Preciosa ®).
5 bulbs  - 5x E14 / E12 (for the US market) - The number of bulbs can easily be adapted to the size of the chandelier.
Samples of the most common crystal prisms:

Baccarat rystal prism decorated Baccarat prizms smooth Prism with square stones