Large custom ruby red crystal chandelier for jewelry store interior

We produced a luxury crystal chandelier made of ruby red glass for an Indian customer (Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001). Matching wall lights, which form a set with a central red chandelier, were also included in the delivery.The 60 bulbs of the chandelier are covered by large blown glass vases. The glass vases are decorated with hand engraving and 24K gold painting.
Since the chandelier is quite tall, the upper part of the chandelier with glass horns is supplemented with 9 additional bulbs.

The attached photos are from the workshop and then from the installation directly at the customer.

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Large ruby crystal chandelier with 60 arms
Metal - polished brass
60+9 E14 bulbs (60x the arms and 9x the top of the chandelier)
Dimensions (W x H) 180 x 300 cm / 73.5" x 122.4"