Color glass of traditional Czech chandeliers

Published: Jan 21, 2018

Metal oxides are mainly used during the production of colour transparent glasses used in traditional crystal lighting fixtures. The final colour effect is also influenced by the composition of the raw material (whether it’s sodium, potassium or lead, etc.), as well as the melting process – the so-called oxidation with oxygen access or reduction without oxygen access ..

Lamps in the shape of a pyramid of uranium glass

PHOTO - Uranium glass lamp. The two shining pyramids in a row behind create the impression of "God's Eye"

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Traditional Czech crystal chandelier and its amazing shine

Published: Mar 14, 2018

The designation of clear lead crystal glass is automatically linked to the notion of clarity and shine. Both belong to the basic properties of glass, which make it different from other materials. Each shine is the result of reflection of light beams. Comparing the shine of the polished metal surface and the shine of the crystal glass, the glass shine is much more complex and richer because it’s not only produced by light beams reflected from the smooth surface, but also by the transparency and refraction of the light that depends on the composition of the glass.

PHOTO - Polished gold or silver-plated metal parts of the chandelier create an amazing mirroring effect.

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Chandeliers and lamps made of sanded or frosted glass

Published: Jan 8, 2018

The process of sandblasting and glass milling

Sandblasting is a relatively popular refinement technique for working on glass surfaces.
This mechanical process is carried out by means of a pneumatic device, whereby the main components are: a sand blasting tank (sand or corundum of a certain particle size), compressed air supply and nozzle gun. The whole process takes place in the vacuum chamber to prevent leakage of fine particles from sandblasting to protect the operator from lung damage. The sandblasted glass surface is coarse and frosted, so hydrofluoric acid (HF), as the only one that can etch the glass, is used to increase the gloss and remove the deepening.

PHOTO - Sample of the coarser surface sandblasted glass

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