Installation of a large Theresian chandelier with 132 flames in Klinger's villa

Installation of a large Theresian chandelier in the entrance hall of Klinger's villa. The hall has a false lowered ceiling made of glass - see detail of the suspension of the large crystal chandelier. The light intensity of the large chandelier can be reduced with a dimmer until it goes out completely.
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The 132-flame Maria Theresa chandelier - polished brass.
Trimmings: Crystal cut polished almonds.
Completely hand-cut leaded crystal glass.
Flames 132, 132 candle bulbs E14, 40 Watts
Dimensions (W x H): 190 x 310 cm/ 78" x 127"
Weight: 300 Kg/ 667 lb
P/No.: 14908-132-V

Cultural Heritage newly renovated Klinger's villa

Representative villa from the early 90s of the 19th century,
built in the Neo-Renaissance style according to the design of the Liberec architect Edmund Trossin, for one of the owners of the local textile factory, Baron Ottomar Klinger.

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