Chandeliers and lamps decorated with gold or platinum amalgam layer

This type of glass decoration is provided by the company Astra Gold ®  with which we cooperate. All the decors of glassware are registered trademarks. Crystal glass is gilded by application of special golden amalgam layer which is being transformed during firing in the ovens in temperature over 600°C into pure 24-carate gold. The silver layer is created with simmilar technology, using platinium – palladium amalgam. The final decoration of precious metal is covered with additional protective layer which guarantees stability of golden or silver decor in aggressive environments and minimizes the risk of scratches. This protective layer is necessary for daily use of this kind of products (drinking glass) and allows and allows to meet the criteria of EU regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. All these products are therefore certified for the contacts with foodstuff. Gold and Platinium don’t change its color because of oxidation or UV light. Extreme durability and high quality of this type of decorating makes these products suitable for regular use in luxury bars and restaurants. If glasses and decorative glass are washed by hand, their decorating is almost eternal.

Note: You can find more chandeliers decorated with Astra Gold amalgam technology in our offer of custom made chandeliers and lighting fixtures. 

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Crystal chandelier with Astra Gold decor
Size: (W x H): 55 x 47 cm / 22.4" x 19.2" (measured without chain)
Trimmings:  Cut crystal almonds
5 glass profiled arms  
5 candle bulbs E14, 40 Watts 
P/No.: L645-5-02