Artistic red crystal chandelier with glass sea corals and gray lampshades

Artistic red crystal chandelier decorated with cut crystal hooves and colorful sea corals of hand-shaped red glass. In place of a crystal ball in the middle of the chandelier is a glass imitation of a sea starfish. The chandelier gives an interesting contrasting impression of warm and cool colors. All colorful components are made of glass, without the use of plastic.

Together with the chandelier it is possible to order table and wall lamps with the same decoration.

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Artistic red chandelier "marine aquarium" with red corals and textile lampshades

Trimmings:  Cut crystal hooves (24% PbO) and glass sea corals
8 candle bulbs E14, 40W covered with the lampshades of gray textile.
Dimensions (W x H): 64 x 58 cm/ 26.7"x24.2"(measured without a chain).
Metal finish: glossy silver.
The chandelier comes with 0.5 m silver chain and the ceiling rose.
Weight: 7.4 Kg/ 15.4 lb
P/No.: L418_8_703-7SNcoral

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