18-arm castle crystal chandelier with decorated glass arms (cut bells and pointed prisms)

Custom-made crystal chandelier according to the original model of the Czech glass master - Josef Palme (1701–1747), the founder of the tradition of manufacturing crystal chandeliers in the Czech lands - Prácheň (Kamenický Šenov).
All glass parts of the chandelier are hand cut and hand blown. Amazing pendant lamp for antique or castle interiors.

Gold polished brass & hand-cut crystal glass (24 % PbO).
12+6 glass profiled arms - 18x E14 / E12 (for the US market).
Dimensions (W x H): 90 x 95 cm/ 36.7"x38.8"
(measured without a chain).
Metal finish: Glossy gold (polished brass).
Weight: 41 Kg/ 91.1 lb
P/No.: L840-12+6-19